How to Transfer a Domain Name

Domain name transfer procedureWhen you purchase a domain name from us, we will work with you to transfer the name from our Registrar account to yours.

We've outlined how the transfer process works below.

Once the name is in your account, you will have complete control and responsibility for it, including future annual renewal fees.

Please let us know if you have any questions.


The procedure used for transferring domain names has been developed by ICANN, the international organization that manages the domain name system. All domain name registrars follow the same basic procedures, but there may be minor variations from company to company (e.g., different terminology).

Because transfer procedures are partly designed to reduce domain theft or fraud, the process is designed so that buyer and seller must exchange information directly in order to obtain the information necessary to execute the transfer.

Two Types of Domain Name Transfers

There are two types of domain name transfer procedures. Which procedure applies to your new domain name depends on whether we are using the same or different registrars.

1. Regular transfer (Different registrars). A regular transfer procedure must be used when transferring a domain name between two Registrars. A regular transfer typically takes 5-7 days to complete.

2. 'Push' transfer (Same registrar). If we are both using the same Registrar, then we can use an expedited transfer procedure called a 'push'. A push transfer can be completed within a few hours.

See further details below.

Regular Transfer (Different Registrars)

A regular transfer must be used when transferring a domain name from one Registrar to another.

Time required: 5-7 days (some registrars provide mechanisms to speed this up)

Who initiates: You, as buyer, must initiate the transfer

Process: The steps are roughly as follows...

  1. We will 'unlock' the domain name in our account. This makes is available to transfer.
  2. You, as the future owner, will initiate the transfer from your end by purchasing a domain transfer from your registrar. Typically, there will be an obvious option for buying a transfer (e.g., this page at GoDaddy). 
  3. We, as the current owners, will be sent 2 special codes by your Registrar once you have initiated the transfer. GoDaddy calls these codes the 'transaction ID' and the 'security code'. Other Registrars may use different names. 
  4. We will obtain a third code, called an authorization code (auth code), from our Registrar. 
  5. We will forward all 3 codes to you via email.
  6. You will enter the 3 codes into your transfer request in the appropriate fields. 
  7. We wait 5-7 days until the two Registrars have moved the name from our account over to yours.
  8. Once the name is in your account, please check the Whois information and nameserver settings to ensure they are correct. Please update, as necessary.

If you have any questions about any of these steps, please let us know and/or please consult with your Registrar for the most accurate information of the process they use. Most Registrars will have informational pages on doing transfers (see examples below). You may also want to call them directly. 

'Push' Transfer (Same Registrar)

A push transfer can be used when transferring a domain name between customer accounts at the same Registrar. In other words, if we both use the same Registrar, we can use a push transfer. Push transfers are simpler and faster than regular transfers.

Different companies may use different terms to refer to a push transfer. For instance, GoDaddy calls them 'account changes' and calls them 'internal transfers'.

Time required: 1-2 hours

Who initiates: We do

Process: The steps are roughly as follows...

  1. You provide us with your registrar account email and account number (requirements may vary by registrar).
  2. We will initiate a push transfer using your account information.
  3. You will receive a notice from your registrar to accept/decline the transfer request. Please accept the request as instructed by email or visit your account directly to accept the domain name. You may need to accept the domain up to 2 times as part of the procedures.
  4. Once both you and us have completed the appropriate approvals and check steps, the domain name will be transferred into your account promptly.
  5. Once the domain name is in your registrar account, please check the Whois information and nameserver settings to ensure they are correct. Please update, as necessary.

If you have any questions about the proces, we recommend you consult with your Registrar. Most will have informational pages that explain the procedure. Some examples:

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